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Gazpacho de Cereza con Aove LImerencia

Recipe of the day...

"Cherry Gazpacho", served every day in Rincón Baezano Restaurant.



- 500 gr. of very ripe red tomatoes.

- 250 gr. of cherries.

- Half red pepper, 50 gr. of onion.

- 1 clove of garlic.

- 2 Tablespoons of Jerez vinegar.

- 4 tablespoons of Sempiterno Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- 100 ml. of water.

- A pinch of salt.

- Pepper.

-  A drizzle of Limerencia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 



1.- Wash the tomatoes, chop them in pieces and put the result in a large bowl.

2.- Cut the peeled onion and red pepper into medium pieces and reserve.

3.- Peel the garlic. We remove the part of the center to avoid stomach pain.

4.- First we crush the tomatoes , then we add the cherries (after removing the bone) and finally the pepper, onion and garlic.

5.- We season everything with salt and pepper. We add little by little the extra virgin olive oil Sempiterno and the Jérez vinegar, we crush again so that we get a more compact emulsion.

6.- We can pass the emulsion  through a strainer in order to remove any seed or skin that may have been left, so we will get a more homogeneous result.

7,-Test the result to see if you have to add more salt and enjoy.


Add a bit of our Limerencia EVOO, which will add even more aromatic nuances.


             Gazpacho de cereza con Limerencia       g

You should try the great result.