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Early Harvest

An early harvest extra virgin olive oil that comes from a selection of the best olive trees of Jaén, picual variety.

  • denomincaion de origen de sierra magina Aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Limerencia virgen Extra
  • denomincaion de origen de sierra magina aceite de oliva
  • Limerencia virgen Extra

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sempiterno comes from carefully selected olive trees of Jaén, which are harvested between the second half of November and December, when the fruit has not yet fallen to the ground.

  • Sempiterno aove premium jaen
  • aceite de oliva virgen extra de jaen
  • sempiterno jaen aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • botellas sempiterno aove jaen

We focus on obtaining an extra virgin olive oil that maintains its excellent health properties and gives us a great aroma and flavor.


Limerencia was born as project in 2016 from the idea of the Usamov Family, two businessmen, father and son, with great experience in hotel management, after realizing that the foreign guests of their hotels in Odessa (Ukraine) and Santa Ponsa (Spain) did not know much about one of the best Spanish products: extra virgin olive oil.

So, they did not hesitate to start their search in Jaén to select the best product to make it known worldwide.

In 2017 the project becomes reality through two differentiated lines: LIMERENCIA extra virgin olive oil early harvest and SEMPITERNO extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

In 2018 LIMERENCIA won two international awards: NYIOOC gold medal and bronze medal in London IOOC.

This year a new phase begins, we want to market our products outside our borders, the main mission of the project.

Limerencia Extra virgin olive oil

Our oils

Our oils are cold-pressed  and exclusively by mechanical procedures, always guaranteeing the best quality.

 They come 100% from the Picual variety, which is the olive with the highest amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols are very beneficial for our body, as they have, among other properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.

We work with great rigor in the processes to obtain the best flavor and aroma, as well as a quality storage and packaging to ensure that its organoleptic properties remain for longer.

We are committed to integrated production, which takes full advantage of natural resources, thus guaranteeing long-term sustainable agriculture, respectful of the environment and guaranteeing the quality and food safety of the product.


The extra virgin olive oil is vital in the Spanish cuisine, a gastronomy increasingly recognized internationally. The best chefs appreciate a great product and want the best ingredients in their kitchen.

That is why great chefs use Limerencia to highlight their dishes and Sempiterno in their kitchen.

A splash of early harvest EVOO Limerencia, with its high fruity flavor, bestow a connotation of taste experience and spectacular aroma, while decorating its dishes with its intense and bright green.

Picual olive oil is the most suitable for high temperature cooking, because it maintains its properties and respects the flavors. Sempiterno is an ideal product to use in all kinds of culinary techniques; fried foods, stews, pickles, cold soups, etc ...

Meet the Chefs who use our liquid treasure.


We focus on obtaining an extra virgin olive oil that maintains its excellent health properties and gives us a great aroma and flavor.